Princess Lydia meets Prince William

It was such a delight to be part of Lydia’s Starlight Wish! Lydia wanted to be a princess and live in a castle. So she got invited to the Dorchester, where she stayed in the Royal Suite with her family and got all the royal treatment the Dorchester would give real royalty. The two days were full of beautiful surprises for little Lydia, but the final one was that she was gonna meet a real prince! Her immediate reaction was: ‘Mum, when I tell them at school they are gonna think I’m lying!” Bless her little heart. Looking through the pictures of those two days now still has me balling out my eyes .. (for joy)

Thank you, Starlight, for your great work, making children happy!

Princess-Lydia-in-Boodles-tiaraArriving-at-Clarence-House Lydia-meets-Prince-William

Starlight Children’s Foundation fulfil children’s dreams. Please donate if you can, to help make some terminally ill children happy.


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