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Made in Italy in the 20th century, passionate about all beautiful things in life, like the Aegean sea, reaching out to make dreams come true,  gregarious woman who loves all living beings, warm and welcoming, with a mission in life to spread joy and laughter and bring out, capture and share the beauty of people and moments.

My first camera was an Agfamatic at the age of 7, a present from my godmother. I always loved taking pictures of people. In my teens I avidly bought fashion magazines, admiring the beautiful images of photographers like Paolo Roversi, Javier Vallhonrat, Nick Knight, Annie LeibovitzBruce Weber, David Bailey …

I moved to London in 1989 and started assisting and working at Click photographic studios. It wasn’t a straight road  to finally step out alone as a photographer, and it went via detours from back to university in Italy and Paris – where I had kind of an Alice in Wonderland moment, finding myself on set with some of my favourite photographers, David Bailey, Paolo Roversi, shooting stars like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Katherine Deneuve, Malcolm McLaren, Roman Polanski, Emmanuelle Seigner … yeah, let’s just drop some names here, why not … Paolo Roversi was the sweetest guy, David Bailey as feisty as they say (‘who’s that French chick over there?” meaning me, but it sounded like a compliment), and Naomi wouldn’t take an answer to what time it was from little me ..

One of my most cherished experiences, however,  was out in the wild, on a three month expedition to Namibia with Raleigh International as the expedition photographer. Falling asleep (or not) to the sound of roaring lions somewhere out there was an absolute thrilling experience.

Working for the local newspapers for a good number of years was a great training ground to quickly adjust to any situation and learn capture the whole story in an image .. Police raids at the crack of dawn, all sorts of festivals, celebs photo calls, 100 year old birthdays, Prime Ministers, Royals, prisoners, football matches, kids, animals, protests, you name it …

From there it has been all word of mouth …

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Carmen Klammer Photography by Carmen Klammer

Reportage photography of your events, portrait photography (commercial, personal, family, boudoir), interior and exterior and life style photography of your hotel or resort …

I work to your brief and budget. Can travel anywhere. Also can help with website and book design.

Recent projects: (website design and some of the photography on the site) (photography)

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