Soul Portraits

“The eyes are the window to your soul.” William Shakespeare

Can a photograph steal your soul?

A portrait shoot is a close collaboration between subject and photographer. It takes total presence and trust. It is my forte to make my subject feel relaxed and bring out their beauty.

“Carmen’s ability to capture her subjects’ soul is outstanding, and her photographs are such a pleasure to look at. I would strongly recommend her work to anyone in need of a great photographer, as Carmen’s versatility allows her to adjust to any photographic need.”  Gabriella Incalza, Freelance Broadcast Journalist and Producer, London

“Die Bilder sind einfach wunderbar, liebe Carmen! Ich drücke es mal so aus, Du hast mein “Wesen” erfaßt. Ich kann mich in den Bildern selbst sehen und schön finden. Und das ist in den 69 Jahren meines Lebens ganz  ganz selten geschehen. An einer Hand abzuzählen. Das macht eine gute Fotografin aus und das bist Du. “Eine Freudeverschenkerin” !”  Edith Seifert, Germany